My products are made using a portion of what you paid, on the materials needed to create that item. Meaning each product is purchased & newly made just for the customer ..  not already lying around in stock waiting to be shipped out . Each item takes specific time to make before being delivered . My Processing page is the easiest way to know what to expect before placing any type of order .


Be sure that you double check you have all correct sizes and read all disclaimers and other info located in each product's info section's as exchanges are unavailable after your order has already began to process.

You can change details about your order such as size , amount etc. within 24 hours after placing . After this point , Materials are purchased and your order is now being processed . The address on your order can be changed within 3 days however , Any other changes to your order can not be made .

Misprinted/damaged/defective items can be returned or exchanged . Any claims for misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted the same day the product has been received. If there is something wrong with what you received , I advise that you contact me right away to get it solved as I can not accept claims that are after the date of arrival .


The return process will require you to provide a digital image of the damage or defect along with a clear description of the problem in an email to . In many cases, action (in the form of replacement or store credit) can be taken as soon as substantiation of the claim has been provided by the customer. Claim must be submitted the same day you received the product as I can not be sure what has happened with a product between the time of arrival and the claim .

If the damage / defect cannot be verified over the phone or via email contact, the item may be required to return to Cherie La Vision for inspection before a determination can be made as to the state of the product.

contact : for more details